Monday, June 05, 2006


Anjolie woke me up this morning because she wanted to give me a piece of candy. I tried not to be grouchy and smiled as I sleepily let her put the candy in my mouth. As I chewed, she watched me intently (to see if I was enjoying it I guess) then cheerfully said "yeah, it was on the floor.... but it still tastes good!!" *ahem* greeeaaat.

Yesterday Brianna and I were playing "opposites", and we would take turns saying a word and giving the opposite to it. I asked Brianna what the opposite of OLD was , and she thought for a moment and cheerfuly replied HEALTHY!! On the second try at a correct answer: ALIVE...LOL...guess I'm in trouble!!


Free In Christ said...

Great stories. Have a blessed day.

Karen said...

Kids have such a special view of's so much fun to peek into their thinking. It's good to have you back blogging! Love...Karen

Heather said...

;) Thanks! Karen...I have missed you, but I know you are you my friends- heather