Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Touch of CHAOS the Flylady sense of the word ;)

-trying to bake 6 boxes of brownies (I'm super hungry ;) )
-the house seems to be undoing everything I DO today...with the help of Lily of course
-Anjolie is having a "tantrums solve everything" day
-1 spilled can of unattended soda
-3 messy diapers (so far in the last 5 hours)*edited to say I smell Lily!! that makes 4!!
-2 vaccum required messes so far
-mommy doesn't have any food we like today ;)
-1 PB sandwich found squished between the couch and the end table (I found it before the ants did PTL)
-Everything I can do, they can tear up better....

OOOhhhh! Head smacking moment. Must be VISITATION NIGHT!!!
Yeah...hindrances are out in FULL FORCE today. (BTW that is what the brownies are for) So...judging by my day...we will have some receptive hearts tonight Lord willing!! :)


Jenny said...

Hi Heather I love your guest book I did sign I put the wrong website on it is there a way you can fix it to the right one?

Happymama said...

Heather, do you know who Larry Brown from Iowa is? He's a preacher....a very good preacher. Well, he has a sermon called Then Came Amalek. It's exactly what is going on in your home and you're right...It's because of visitation. The devil will try to pull you down to where you won't want to go. So let us know how it goes!!!! Looking forward to hearing how the Lord blesses tonight. But you know, you might not see that blessing tonight. It might show itself at some other time. Just hang in there and keep on keepin on!! :)

Heather said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. Yes, we won't find out even the results from tonight until Sunday, because all the visitation people come back at different times. One of my friends who was supposed to go did not make it for the very same reason. Thank you again for the encouragement

Autumn Terrill said...

Hi, I came across your blog randomly the other day and thought it was nice to find another mommy who loves the Lord and blogs. What is visitation night? Anyway loved your run down of the day. Oh I have had many days just like that, it's nice to know I'm not the only one:) God bless.

Anonymous said...

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