Friday, June 02, 2006

Blog Bog

Ok, for 2 days now I have been stuck in the blog bog to "escape" my daily, I am not going to post for 2 days to "unstick" my bottom from this CHAIR!! I have already repented of my waste of time *sigh* if it's not one thing it is another. So, I am allowing myself to check email, but only if standing...I am not allowed to sit at this desk for 2 days, and to check the news...while standing. And, after the 2 days are up, I am going to set the timer to allow for 25min of blog time. I am telling you so you can hold me accountable when you see mile long posts (like the one below which allowed for my kids to destroy the living room) and numerous responses to your blogs.....pray for me :) Oh, and somehow during the chaos one of my kids (ANJOLIE) caught some disgusting bug in her babydolls sippy cup and put it in the fridge...*sigh* I THOUGHT there was supposed to be a difference between boys and girls...oh well, I guess it WAS in a babydoll cup...see, here I go again!!! Bye for now!!!


Free In Christ said...

You remind me so much of myself. Poor thing! LOL :). I do understand what you are talking about.

Like I said once before, "somdays I'd like to be a pagan." Just kidding of course. I'm glad the Holy Spirit convicts us daily, well, at least it does me. Long storys about this week.

Karen said...

Heather...I miss your blogging! You can do it once it awhile...just for me ;)

Lots of love...Karen

abrightnewdawn said...

I get sucked in too!!
I've been trying for the same thing, get BACK to ROUTINE!!!
good luck!!

Jamie said...

toooo funny..I have been limiting my blog/computer time..ok maybe NOT as much as I should..and cool bugs in the fridge! LOL