Friday, June 09, 2006

One of Those Days

It is one of those days where my little Anjolie, bless her heart, just won't bend her will! I have tearfully corrected and corrected her. Part of the dilemma is that we got home late last night from visitation and my little early bird decided that she still needed to be my alarm clock. So, even though I know she is tired and having trouble obeying, I still have to correct her. I put her down for an early nap and I am hoping that will refresh her.

The trouble today also shows me that I have not been consistent with expecting first time obedience..she has been waiting to hear the warning tone in my voice, and she then pushes it a step further. So, I reviewed with her again what I expect, and that is for her to follow her 2 rules: Obey (immediatelyand cheerfuly) and Respect her parents. And, because I love her, she will be "corrected" every time she breaks these two rules. I know that once her will becomes one with the Lord's, she will be "on fire" for there is that. In the meantime, I could use some prayer :) I love being a mommy, it is so incredibly rewarding when we do it God's way...I just need to keep reminding myself of the second half of that- God's way.

Oh, a praise! Anjolie is not ready yet, but she asked my husband how to get saved. She has all the "head" knowledge...but not the "understanding". For instance, she could tell someone what they need to believe and pray to be saved, but she does not have the true understanding as she is only 3 . We know that the fear of the Lord is beginning of we will continue to pray to that end for our dear little Anjolie.

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