Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please Excuse the Interruption... I adjust my schedule :) Brian leaves for the Staff Acadamy today and things have been a little hectic. He will only be home on the weekends until August. :( So, I am having to completely adjust my schedule and be a better steward of my time if I am going to be a successful wife and mother. I have a Home Mangagement Notebook which has become very idle and outdated over the past year with the move, new baby etc so with the inspiration found on some other sites...I am redoing mine so that it will be more detailed. I am so tired of stopping short when I see the cost of being a virtuous woman who tends to every matter. So, the Lord is doing a little housekeeping in my heart on this area right now. Love to you my friends and family, and thank you for your patience during this little hiccup. I will leave you with a couple of recent funny things Anjolie said:

When I was finished giving Lily a bath, I told Anjolie I needed to get Lily out and she said "Why? She's not going to shrink!"

Ayden would not "cooh" for Anjolie the other day, so Anjolie was frustrated and said "Well, he talked too fast and now, he's all out of talk!"


Happymama said...

Oh My! Sounds like Anjolie has a quick whit. I like that! LOL

Anonymous said...

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