Thursday, June 08, 2006

The DaVinci Code

Not that the Catholics agree with this, because they don't, but what if we wrote something about the Pope which said he had a secret affair with Monica Lewinsky and was secretly plotting to kill our president. Would it be received as well as this is? Would people rush to see the movie and read the book? Why do people think they can write fiction about a LIVING, ALL POWERFUL GOD? Ok, say the book were even about *John F Kennedy* of the most beloved presidents...people would be outraged that someone would want to smear the name of such a wonderful man...and to die such a senseless death....puuuhlease! Jesus Christ, our God become man for us -DID NOTHING! But, He is written about as if he is some deceased criminal at best...truth be known, anyone who would write about Him in such a way, DOES NOT TRULY BELIEVE. ANY untruth about our risen SAVIOR is putrid and heinous, and YES we SHOULD TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Oh,...I'm sorry, should I NOT say anything so as not to "peak" someone's interest and they might want to run see that TRASH? People will do what they want to do regardless, and will justify themselves to death for least that's what I do, let's be honest. Our reaction to this outrage should equal that outrage we would feel if it were written about our own spouse (worse really). WE ARE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST (those of us who are saved). Would we stand for some pathetic resemblance of our husband to be splattered on a wide screen using his name and doing awful things...then excusing it by saying "oh, well, it is just fiction...who cares that people are watching LIES about my husband" Yeah, who cares that God has REDEEMED souls, who cares that this may cause people to question the DEITY of NOTHING sacred?! Do you really think there is ANYTHING God honoring about watching or reading such falseness? Can't we see they are paving the way for "THE LIE"? Be honest, would you sit and watch it with your risen Savior by your side? Ok, (just got convicted) honestly,... would I watch half the things I watch if HE were sitting with me...would I treat my loved ones the way I do sometimes if HE were standing in plain view...with the holes in His hands, His feet, His side, would I stand before Him and say "it's too hard to obey, to read Your Word..." Of course I know He IS there, but I don't always BELIEVE IT. What we read and watch contributes to what we believe, and what we believe controls how we act...ouch. Wow, the Lord sure showed me some things...I did not plan on ending my rant with something that applied to me..;) (why would I want to do that? :) )amazing how God works. But what it all boils down to is why do we feed our minds things that influence our beliefs in such a negative way? Again, WHAT WE BELIEVE CONTROLS THE WAY WE ACT...what we believe is influenced by what we read, hear, and watch. Pondering upon that could reveal tremendous truths about ourselves. ...gonna go pray with my tail between my legs *sigh*
*edited to say "uh duh" I had Robert ;)


Karen said...

Amen! That is so true. And you stated it a lot better than I could have. Thanks for sharing your convictions! Lots of love...Karen

Happymama said...

AMEN Sista! Preach it! LOL


Heather said...

:)LOL yeah...I saw some press release where the author was saying how the Bible has survived many things, and it will survive this as me a little heated :)