Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cute and Easy Gift Boxes!

We learned how to make cute little gift "boxes" like these at a Stamping Up party recently...they are so easy and fun to decorate! You could put a little shred and some chocolates or some other small gift inside

I scanned the template in and printed many out onto 8.5 by 11 cardstock. I think if you click on the picture you could save it and print it? I don't know...let me know if I need to fix it so you can access it. I traced the lines (or score if you have a scoring tool) with a pencil...hard enough to make an impression without cutting the paper.
The flap gets folded in for a clean and closed edge.
To close the sides, use a thin double sided stick tape...tape runner would work too, but these photo splits I used did not seem strong enough. Bend it in half and stick to the folded flap.
Gently fold the bottom flaps in- starting with the one in the back...if you traced/ scored hard enough this will be easy.
Voila! All you ladies with the embossing tools etc could make some beautiful ones! I am going to put Snowman Soup in mine for the Cubbies :) The snowman you see on my gift boxes I cut out from some wide ribbon! This was an inexpensive way to get lots of the same decoration...btw they look so much cuter in *person* ;)

LOL!!! I found this when looking for the Snowman Soup ...ahem I mean it is just disgusting, the things people come up with these days ;)

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Michelle said...

Those are really cute..