Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dr Jack Hyles

I don't know an awful lot about him, but the quotes I have here I totally agree with. This is not to endorse him apart from anything that is complete Biblical truth- he was an IFB preacher in Indiana. This sermon from May of 1971 Satan's Bid for Your Child Whooo talk about some good preachin' and some cringing...and fear struck into is an excerpt as the sermon is LENGTHY and some of it I skipped over-gladly- but this was good - "Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, our country is being destroyed by our young people. It is being destroyed by our young people because we have driven our boys and girls up to a beautiful building, let them off in the morning time, let them walk through some doors through which we have seldom ever walked, to be taught by people we do not know, from books we have not read, about subjects we do not agree with, but we do not want to find out what is going on. Behind those doors we hold sacred, where you let your child out Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, and Friday morning, all Hell is breaking loose, and our country is being destroyed while we deify that building where it is all going on."

and this is "Well, everything will be out in the world when they get older. Why shelter and protect them now?" If that is the case, when your kid is born, why don't you kick him out in the street and say, "Ride a bicycle."

You know that old dog will not hunt, never did shoo a bird or coon, never did. The truth is, there is always a time of preparation before you go out to fight. The man who is drafted in the Army goes and prepares with other soldiers before he goes to battle. The child must be undergirded with truth, character, strength, honor, discipline and right before we send him out to a godless world. "


Happymama said...

AMEN! He always had something good to say. Sunday's Coming is another sermon of Brother Hyles that was good. But you think, back in 1971 he was preaching this! Has anyone listened? We've heard it, but have we listened??


Susan said...

Dr. Hyles was one of my favorite preachers to listen to. That doesn't mean I agreed with every little thing he said or did, but that I enjoyed his sermons. They were always full of practical, everyday living. My husband has several of his books and sermons, and we enjoy getting them out every now and then. Imagine him preaching that in 1971! How much more true today!

Heather said...

So true Kristi...most times I find myself filing things away instead of applying it

(((Ms Susan)))! Exactly, I don't agree with every single thing, but I sure do enjoy hearing his sermons :) I need to visit your blog today...You have many wonderful, practical, Biblical, every day living truths for women on your site!

Kim said...

Oooo,this is good. It makes me sad to think we could have gone down that road.

Grafted Branch said...

That is a profound quote! I'm so glad you posted it.

Heather said...

Kim, I know ...this sermon was preached before I was even born...look at the world now! Very sad.

G.B. -I am glad you support it!