Thursday, December 21, 2006

Disappearing Posts

....I did appreciate all the encouraging words from the "missing" post. I love my blog friends and my family who reads my blog. But you know, as honest as that post was just a bummer post. I don't think anyone who read it could go on and feel uplifted by it. So, it was just taking up space...whiny and complainy- however valid- I need to save stuff like that for the Lord...or maybe an email to a close friend. :) Anyway, sorry to anyone who felt "burdened" by my pity party. :) Happy gift-wrapping, baking, cleaning- I can almost hear the songs in your hearts :)...oh wait that's my blog lol.


Karen said...

Heather...I loved the slide show! You have such a beautiful family...thanks for sharing your life and love with me. Have a very blessed Christmas and a new year filled with God's blessings. All my Love...Karen

Happymama said...

I must have missed your "missing" post while I've been sick. I have been doing a great deal of catching up with you this morning. :) I've enjoyed reading as always.



Michelle said...

I must have missed it to..Have a wonderful Christmas..I really enjoy reading your blog..

Anonymous said...

Heather, I'm still stuggling with this new beta blogger. I actually responed to some of your post in my actual blog. I'm at Talks-a-lot now. URL
I love reading your post. Even the ones you pull off and consider whining are an encouragement to me. I have this need to know other people struggle with some of the same issues I have. I guess it's called insecurity. I guess the danger is wallering in that knowledge. However, when people I respect and look up to spiritually have the same issues as me, it encourages me to keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing your heart.
Robin (29 Palms)

Robin said...

correction, to find my blog
type in
Merry Christmas!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I just surfed on via CWO and I simply wanted to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!!

Grafted Branch said...

No worries...I missed it COMPLETELY! :)

Merry Christmas, Heather. I'm enjoying visiting your blog, and look forward to more in the new year.