Monday, December 11, 2006

Hope Chest

"A hope chest can provide not only a repository for a growing dowry but a treasure chest filled with memories of the past and hopes and dreams for the future."
- Cumberland Books

I had the honor a few years ago of attending a very special tea in honor of a precious teen's 16th birthday. It was just beautiful. We were all asked to bring items that would be included in her hope chest. Books, aprons, linens etc. We, as guests, each brought our own tea-cup and saucer for the array of delicous teas. The mom and her friends put together a beautiful little lunch of salads and finger sandwiches was just beautiful and to top that, a surprise to the 16 year old beauty:) She had, in her own words, told her mother how she wanted to be like the woman described in Proverbs 31...of course there was not a dry eye by the end of the "sharing" time. I have not gotten that idea out of my head since and just got all excited about it all over again when I found this site which I have added to my link list. Our *plan* is to make/ or buy a hope chest for each of our daughters and help them fill it as they grow :)


Mishel said...

Aww...I *remember* that special day. And that "beauty" is even more beautiful today. She is truly one of the most godly young ladies I know.

On another note...we also gave Ashleigh a hope chest for her 16th birthday and some friends gave her special things to put in it. Little did we know that she would need them, just 2 years later!! LOL

Happymama said...

I would like Bruce to build Hannah a hope chest for her sixteenth birthday. My idea for that is to get the ladies in our church together for several weeks of quilting. Each patch representing soemthing in their own lives that brought them joy and happiness in life. It will be a gift for her hope chest. :)