Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family Ministry

Our church has a really neat ministry called the Family Ministry. When a church is large-as this one is, sometimes people can get lost in the shuffle. Well, the Asst Pastor assigns group leaders and then they are in charge of a group of families. We have 11 families in our group. My husband and I are working on getting to know each of the families in our group-I need to work harder at that. We are to make sure we notice if they are out of church and give them a call or a visit to make sure they are ok etc. We are to plan get-togethers at least once a year... It is really a neat program especially since most of us are far from our homes and families in the states. Anyway, some of us made baskets of goodies for each family in our groups and it was so neat since I found my baskets on clearance. They were $4.99 regularly, but I got them at just under a dollar! I was so excited..I baked about 9 doz cookies and a friend gave me another couple dozen that she had left over from her baskets. I put a variety on a plate in the basket with tissue swirled around it tied it off with a bow and a tag at the top and put the entire basket in the cello bag (love those things). They turned out cute :) I was so not looking forward to the baking and the cleaning ( that I still have left- lol) and the assembling of the baskets, but God was so good. Brian got the day off yesterday *shock* and he very cheerfully took care of the kids and fed them while I baked and assembled etc. It turned out to be a real blessing. Brian was glad we were able to hand them out at church last night and a friend of mine will watch 2 of my girls while I deliver the rest today! I don't have any gifts wrapped *sigh*'s gonna be buuuuusy :)


Free In Christ said...

What a blessing that is for each one. Sounds great.

Happymama said...

Oh dear...let's not talk about gifts needing to be wrapped. LOL

I like the Family Ministry idea. That's a great one. Glad to hear you found the deal on the baskets. That's always great. :) And I haven't seen the cello bags. I'll be looking for those while I'm out today.