Saturday, March 11, 2006

Baby Shower

Ok, here are some pictures of me...I will set my pride aside ;) I am just sooo swollen!!
Kimberly, Susie and Vicki...all friends from 29 Palms!! So neat to have them all here in Japan as well!

I had a most wonderful baby shower on Friday night. We got some really nice things. My friend Kimberly threw it for me and we all had a really nice time. The Lord really has blessed me this past week even though I have been soooo uncomfortable. Brian was given off every single day to be with me, and the weather has just been gorgeous! I have been resting 100% better too. God is so good to know what we need most and when. I know now that He was giving me some rest and healing before little Aiden arrives.


Jamie said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! But yes I can tell you are swollen! I am praying and praying you have that baby on your own..but God knows just what is needed and if you need to be induced for that baby's sake..then I will just trust that the Lord knows what he is doing! Of course we know! I cant wait till baby is here!

Anonymous said...

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