Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome Baby Ayden Josiah!

He is finally here after what seemed like 2 weeks of labor.
Saturday night I woke up with some regular contractions, but was able to fall back asleep, and then woke again around 3am and continued with the same thing that had been going on all week...contractions that felt like they were progressing and then would get little erratic. So, I went in to Labor and delivery on Sunday morning at around 8am, as planned. My Dr checked me and told me I was still right around 5 cm, at a -2 station and 90% effaced. So, I did not have to have pitocin as I thought I would...the Dr broke my water at 9:22am. About an hour later I was into HEAVY labor...the contractions were so intense that little Ayden was not handling them well. His heart rate kept dropping into the 60-70bpm range during my contractions and REALLY scaring us. I was about 7 cm when I went ahead and consented to the epidural they kept dangling in front of me ;) I knew it was for the best because I usually dilate to a 10 in about a half hour after getting an epi. So, It took the Dr almost a half hour to get it in because he stuck it in the wrong spot the first attempt but then he succeeded the second try...not fun when you are going through transition and having to sit like a statue through it. Anyway, Ayden continued to struggle through my contractions for about 40min...which I once again worried about having to have a c-section...but then I finally felt I could push! The Dr checked and found the baby's head "right there"! I pushed for almost 4 min and he was out!! So, from start to finish..9:22am-1:12pm a short but unforgettable experience of little Ayden joining our little family which is now complete. He was 8 pounds exactly and 20" long. God is so good...His whole planning of this entire event...just blows my mind. After a discouraging week of being turned away because they were soooo busy. There was only one other mother in labor at the time I was, so I got a beautiful big room with a beautiful view of a sunny day to labor in, I was the first mother to deliver a boy that day so I won two bags chock full of baby stuff from the girl scouts who were celebrating their birthday...the night after I delivered, the L&D was incredibly busy again, and delivered 5 more baby's. I really feel the Lord was purposeful in His design of when Ayden would be born thanks to the loving prayers of friends and family. I was running a slight fever after the birth so I even got to stay an extra day to recover and rest...(that is what took so long to update this!)God is soooo good to us. I have some video clips on my Home Video link. Thank you again for your love, and prayers.


kaz said...

I hape my friends baby comes out a little quicker then that!!!
OMG! Two weeks to go!
See wants to go natural but If they dangle the Eppi in frount of her she may too!

MrsWndr said...

Heather, I am SO happy for you guys. I agree with you that the Lord knew what he was doing. I'm sure you've got your hand full and Ayden's sisters are so excited. Congrats! Let me know if there's anything you need for him. Oh, could you email me your mailing address? Thx

Karen said...

Heather...I've been checking your blog hourly and I'm so excited that Ayden is safely in your arms!! God is so good and so faithful! It's such a faith-booster when you can see His hand so clearly. Kiss that sweet little bundle for me.

Love in Him...Karen

Ashleigh said...

Yay! Everyone here (my mom, Zach, John and me) all say Congratulations! :) We love your videos... he is sooo sweet!!

(Still no baby here... regular contractions but still just waiting!)

Free In Christ said...

Heather, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy he is finally here for you and your family. God is so good to us. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Ayden. By the way, I love the spelling of his name. He is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...


abrightnewdawn (jamie's friend) said...

Very happy for you! Love the name!
May God bless your family!

Anonymous said...

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