Friday, March 31, 2006

Shadow over America the Beautiful

I had the pleasure a few days ago of speaking with a native Okinawan lady. She told me some very interesting things- such as, the Okinawan people don't really consider themselves "Japanese", and they consider themselves separate from the "mainlanders". They are ALOT more laid back and not as strict as the Japanese as well. Okinawa has the record for overall human longevity as well, due to their healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

The conversation then turned to how she married an US contractor who has been here in Okinawa with her for their entire marriage. She said that one of her biggest fears was possibly having to move to the US with her children because of the horrible drug problem there and the high crime rate among the youth today. She talked about how she herself likes to visit the US and how beautiful and varied it is, but the amount of crime and the drug problems is what "stands out" as a part of the US today. This view of our country is apparently widespread.

It really is sad to hear this developing reputation about my beloved homeland -which was founded on religious freedom and a love for the one true God. Now, we can't even teach about God in our schools, and instead of worrying about handing in homework on time, kids have to worry about whether or not the kid next to them on the bus has a gun or a knife. Living here in Okinawa these past 7 months, where children as young as 5 walk to school safely all by themselves and you RARELY (I have heard of none since I have been here) hear of a violent crime or a drug raid,...has really opened my eyes. Car chases, which are pretty much weekly just in California..areunheard of here! It should strike fear into us to see how far our country has strayed from the standards and morals it was founded on. Living in America should be viewed as a privilege with responsibility to uphold that which is right not as a right with free reign to indulge in every debauchery imagineable. Will there be no limit to which our country won't plunge if it does not return her trust and faith in God? Where will the liberalism (hedonism more like)stop?! I am afraid these are just more indicators of the last days... *sigh* I will retire the soap box...for now ;)


Jamie said...

I like your soap box. :)

abrightnewdawn said...

So true, so true.
I think of what a difficult time some of my friends have had readjusting to "the States" after leaving Okinawa, and now I see why. It's nice to see the benefits of Okinawa, as well, through your eyes. I had not heard of all there is to do there, until reading of your life in Okinawa. Thank you!!! My husband and I look forward to the day we get the opportunity to go there.
OH! And the Lily Monster is SOOO cute, did she ever fit in the movie cupboard?? :)

Heather said...

;) no she tries about every day though :)