Thursday, March 09, 2006

Probably Sunday...

...every day it is just more of the same...contractions all day..just enough to get my hopes up ...then they are gone.. I am still basically at 5cm, and 90% effaced, but they will not keep OR help me UNLESS my water breaks or I am in HARD HARD labor....Ok, that is not going to happen until I am almost ready to push..

On a brighter note, my dear friend Kimberly is throwing me a baby shower Friday night (your Thursday)! I am sooo looking forward to it :) I will post pics!!

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Free In Christ said...

Maybe, just maybe, you get lucky and go into labor right after your shower. Wouldn't that be great.
Still praying for you. Oh, by the way, Aiden is a absolutely great name. As if it matter what I think, but I do like it :)