Thursday, March 09, 2006

Patient Little Princesses

Brianna and Anjolie have been so patient. I know it is hard on them just waiting and waiting. I put together a little breakfast tea party for them yesterday morning to help them feel some sense of "normalcy". Brian, has had the past two days off just to help me!! His MSgt's wife went through this same thing with their fourth, which also happened to be a he is really being understanding since Brian works at a base that takes 30 min to get to (due to traffic, not distance). His wife finally went in and just had them check her...she was 9cm!! They broke her water and she had him in 2 hours. I can ONLY HOPE that is the case with me.... I guess we will see on...*sigh* Sunday. As I don't anticipate my water breaking on its own.


Jamie said...

OH I am praying! Every time I think of it I am praying for it to be time! Just remember God knows the perfect time for this baby's birth. I am still praying that its NOW! :) I cant wait to see little aiden!

Free In Christ said...

What a great surprise for the girls. I bet they loved the special breakfast. I hope, for you, that you do not need the pitocin. Have you ever had it?
As for the castrol oil (sp), YUCK!!!! It is awful. It just made me sick. My husband threw up just watching me take it. NEVER EVER AGAIN! You are in my prayers.