Sunday, March 26, 2006

Urashima Dinner Theater

Brian's parents enjoying Lobster (with uni sauce ;) and Steak at the Urashima Dinner Theater
The dancers
Some tired little girls up way past bedtime ;)
check out the video in my home video link of some of the dances...pretty neat! For some reason all of my links are waaay down on the right side...sorry. I am not sure what happened!


Jamie said...

one ofyour picutres..or the text went too far to the right thats why your side bar is weird. I am working on your graphics still sorry I lost your email with your info might have to resend it.

Free In Christ said...

Those are great pictures. It looks like so much fun. I bet the girls enjoyed the dancing.

Jenny said...

I finilly got this blog to work with photo so my blogger is
Hope to hear from you soon.