Monday, March 06, 2006

Good Weekend

The girls with part of the "American Village" in the background.

Brian and I had a good weekend just relaxing with the girls. Things are going to get hectic, I think, this week, so we decided to take it easy this weekend. I put some new video in my home video link of the girls at the playground. That is one real blessing, to have so many playgrounds available to us on base.

On Saturday we went to the "American Village" It is a shopping village right by the ocean and not far from us. They sell "American" stuff ;) Hanes t-shirts, fruit of the loom, Levis- and lots of restaurants. There is even a Starbucks! The girls really enjoyed walking around and watching some of the street performers that were out at night. They get quite a bit of attention from the Japanese. Poor Brianna about had her cheeks pinched off at one of the stores one weekend. They also believe it is "good-luck" to touch blonde Anjolie and Lily (who I don't really consider blonde...but is by comparison to the Japanese) get "touched" alot :)


Karen said...

What a fun weekend! The girls look so cute! I'm hoping Aiden will be ready to arrive soon so you can feel better and enjoy that little sweet bundle! Lots of love...Karen

Free In Christ said...

I'm so happy you had a good family weekend. Quality family time is priceless. They grow up too fast. Listen to me, like I know, but I DO have one that will be a teenager soon, and I remeber bringing him home from the hospital, like it was yesterday.
sigh! :)

Free In Christ said...

I meant to tell you the girls are adorable, all in pink. Wait, blue will be in the picture soon. How fun. Also, I thought it was funny--well, maybe thats not the word--about the cheeks and the hair. Poor babies. Enjoy!

Heather said...

:) I try to remember that they grow up quick...especially on those TRYING days

Anonymous said...

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