Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still Here!

What a blessing this week has been as far as Brian's schedule! He has gotten off at mostly normal times for most of the week! He did have to go in at 1am though, and his day is not going well today...lots of logistical stuff fell through. Please pray for his safety as I know he is exhausted.

We signed up Brianna and Anjolie for gymnastics, and their first class is tomorrow! I know they will really enjoy it. I will try and remember to bring the camera. I had wanted ballet, but the wait list is very long. Besides, with gymnastics, they are in the same class. Brian is supposed to have tomorrow off since he had to work over the holiday weekend so he will get to see the girls at their first class :)

This may very well be our last weekend without a new little baby! I hope it goes well...I will keep everyone posted, but I have really been swelling, so Monday at my appointment ...well, we will see what happens.


ashleigh said...

It sounds like you should be holding your little Aiden soon then. :) Esp. with the swelling now too...
At my dr.'s appt. yesterday, she said that all looks fine with me, PTL! Since I've been taking it easy like I was told ;), the swelling has gone down now too. I'm not dilated at all yet, though... but, he has indeed "dropped." ;)
Definitely post pictures of the girls at gymnastics! What fun!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited to see that new baby boy of yours. I am thinking about trying for one myself...well, in about a year. Anyway, keep me posted on that little guy and the girls' gymnastics. I can't wait to see pictures.

Free In Christ said...

How exciting. The girls will love that. Especially since Mom and Dad will both be there for the first time.

Good luck with baby Aiden. Oh, to have another baby---WHAT AM I THINKING. LOL! Babies are great.
Again, what a great name.
speaking of names, with my last boy, we didn't pick a name until the week he was born, and then we only had a girl name. UGH!!! I'd already used 4 boy names (2 firsts and 2 middles).


Free In Christ said...

Oh, I have to qualify my baby statement. I'm totally enjoying this phase of parenting. No bottles, no diapers, not many sleepless nights, and no diaper bags.

Karen said...

I'm so excited to hear of Aiden's arrival real soon! Isn't it great to know you have so many friends around the world praying for you!
I'll love to see pics of the girls at gymnastics too!


Stephanie said...

Sariah's in Gymnastics on base and she just loves it. I am sure that the girls will love it too.

Anonymous said...

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