Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday, everything kind of went opposite of what was expected. Brian, who was promised the day off, had to go in to work in the morning after all, but he made it home in time to go with me to the girls' first gymnastic class. They were soooo excited...but when we got there no one was there. The receptionist said the class had not been cancelled, that the teacher was probably just running late...I mentioned the fact that there were no other children which she just shrugged...ANYWAY. So, we sat there for almost 30 min with one other family when finally one of the directors came in and said, yes the class had indeed been cancelled due to illness. Ok...I think I was more disappointed than the girls, and I felt so convicted that little Brianna had such a good countenance and great attitude about the situation, and I truthfully did not. So, we took them to Burger King playland...which they accepted just fine. So, sorry, no pictures this week :( Next Friday...there will be pictures.

Then, the day continued on the same trend. A couple of girlfriends of mine from church had invited me out to get a pedicure at a popular salon out in town. Well, she mistakenly gave me wrong directions to her house, and so, they had to leave without me to make the appointment in time...we tried to find the salon, but could not. I was disappointed, but- oh well. We just decided to try a new restaurant out in town with the yen that I would have used for the started out AWFUL! I was almost in tears because Anjolie and Lily, who are normally pretty well behaved in a restaurant were just awful! I know they were probably just tired, but it seemed as if the day could not get more disappointing. Brian finally prayed about the situation (hmmm why didn't I think of that) and God in His grace did in His mysterious way intervene. The rest of the time was wonderful, and so was the food. So, today, it is a beautiful day, I am praying that the Lord will just bless this time we have together as a family before the baby is born. I have a feeling that the reason yesterday was such a trial was ...I forgot to ask the Lord to help. I had not because I asked not.


Free In Christ said...

Well, I'm sorry your day was not so nice. I guess, God has to show us things sometimes,whether we want to see them or not. I have to say, I'd probably had the same attitude that you did, and then of course felt bad about it later.

I'm so thankful for you that today was better.

In my prayers always.

Jamie said...

aww I am sorry Heather..I know those pregnancy hormones sure don't help. but NOT much longer!