Friday, October 14, 2005

Beach Tongue

Anjolie, as most of you know, has some funny sayings. Well, here is a recent funny reasoning she had. It is funny how 2 year olds think, and it is even funnier when they are able to express it to you.

I was eating a piece of watermelon, and because it was for me, I had put salt on it. I know I am weird. Well, Anjolie came in and asked for it, so I gave the rest of the piece I was eating to her. Anjolie came back into the kitchen a couple of minutes later and told me her watermelon tasted like the beach. She said it came from her tongue from when we had gone to the beach the other day. Logical explanation right? I mean who in the world puts SALT, of all things, on had to have come from... the beach... which must still be left on Anjolies tongue from 4 days ago right? It's ok Anjolie...that completely makes sense.


Jamie said...

too funny and the weird thing is..its also a confession to beach eating. I tell you Heather, its a good thing she is learning to get her habit under control...beach eating is cute at 2 but when she is 10 or 13..buying sand for the shaker isnt really that fun. Trust me I KNOW THESE THINGS. LOL OK I just think she is cute! :) Give her lots and lots of kisses

Heather said...

I know, what is with my kids Anjolie calls them "sand-cookies". I never caught her at the beach though...she must have snuck it in somehow.