Saturday, October 01, 2005

On With the Journey

It was so nice to be surrounded by grass and trees!! Spending almost 11 years in the desert has helped me to appreciate the plush green of the east coast.
One of the first things we enjoyed in Ohio was the parade. The girls, and others :) had lots of fun scrambling to get candy. It was just as much fun watching everyone get candy as it was the parade!
This was taken at the Polaris mall. I just love outdoor malls when the weather is nice. Here are my mom and Lily enjoying some shade while the girls have a splash in the fountain.
We had lots of fun and stayed very busy. Here is Dad and Anjolie at the parade in Pickerington. The girls loved getting all the candy that was thrown. At one point the street was almost covered in candy!
I love this picture of my mom and dad. This was taken at a park just down the street from their house. In the background you can see there is a fair getting set up. We had fun going to that as well.
This is my brother Ryan holding Anjolie. Can you see the resemblence? Ryan is an excellent artist, and Brianna keeps telling me she is going to be an artist just like her uncle Ryan :)

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