Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunset Beach

This is the East China Sea. The water is a perfect swimming temperature
Okinawa has such beautiful sunsets. The clouds blocked a picture perfect sunset, but it was still beautiful.
We even got to see a rainbow!
This beach has a roped off area for swimming which is really nice for small children. Here, Lily got her first taste of the beach...literally that is, she would not stop eating the sand!


Jamie said...

I love the pictures! and how cute for anjolie eating the beach! I had quite a few that liked to eat sand too! I miss okinawa! I am glad you got to get out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. There is a place called Midea or meada MYDA point. Its just past tori get to it you go through a cane field..but it is beautiful. If you turn off before you get to the "Park" there is a road you can park off of and walk down to the beach. We spent many a days there..Its kind of secluded too. We also had one of our accelerated camping adventures there! And Jim would catch a lot of salt water fish for our tank.

Jenny said...

Hey Heather lilly is so cute looks like brianna when she was a baby.Love you and miss you

Jamie said...

I mean LILY! I was tired when I commented! I knew it was LILY really I did!