Saturday, October 22, 2005

Princess Picnic

Here are my little princesses. We had a great time at our picnic!! The girls really enjoyed dressing up and having a little snack. I could not find any doilies, so I just used some cute scrapbooking paper as little place mats. I let them take their ponies to play with them in the roots of the tree pictured behind them. I think the whole thing cost me barely $10, and that was because I bought the potted flowers to use in my kitchen. So much fun. :) I wish I would have started doing these earlier.
My little Lily...snacky-cake princess. This little thing will eat almost anything!!


Jamie said...

how cute! :) Miss Lily Snack cake princess! and the girls are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

The girls are so adorable. What a great idea with the picnics. Glad to see all is well there. Miss you guys. Tobi and Casey