Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ohio State Fair

When we went to the state fair, there was so much to do you could not possibly see and do everything in a day, or two, for that matter. Brianna and Anjolie loved riding these ponies.
Soon Lily will be able to join the girls on these rides.
I thought this ride was just adorable! My little punkins in a pumpkin.
Ok, this shocked all of us. As we were about to leave the fair to go home, we saw all these kids, BIG kids that is, jumping on these Bunjies. Brianna said she wanted to go on, which we took seriously, but when Anjolie said that SHE wanted to go on, we let her stand in line with Brianna, but we did not honestly think she would do it. Well, let me just tell you this little 2 year old was launched at least 15 to 20 feet in the air, enjoying the whole thing!! We were shocked!! Brianna enjoyed it too, but not near as much as Anjolie did. Crazy little thing.
Anjolie loves her milk...we thought we'd let her try it fresh, straight from the udder. Just kidding, this is a fake cow that was set up...I think it is pretty obvious, but you could milk it.


Jamie said...

Oh that looks fun and WOW for Anjolie! What a brave girl! :)

Anonymous said...

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