Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Last of the Gastropoda

Hello my gentle friendly snail
have you come to bid farewell-
two fallen comrades whose deaths you knew
a dear brother perhaps and sister too!
Oh, the grief that you must bear
to know the fate of such a pair
who as they made their slimey way
suddenly were gooey prey
"Of who!?" you ask, we won't mention names
but of this I know, twas not a game
a clumsy sole (yes, a pun intended)
blindly crunched...that's how it ended


Anonymous said...

Thank you Honey for your Ode to the Clumsy Husband. My how I cherish your gleaming smile behind those cunnuing words.

I love you,

Heather said...

what's cunnuing? :)love you too honey

Jamie said...

too funny..maybe one of those handheld spellcheckers would help.

And what a cute cute snail. :)