Sunday, October 09, 2005

Our Arrival

This was one of the other islands near Okinawa. You can take a ferry or fly to some of them. I hear they are beautiful.
The girls did exceptionally well on the plane ride. It was strange how we left at night, and it was night almost our whole entire trip. The flight attendants were serving us lunch at one point, and it was still dark outside. It took us almost two weeks to get rid of the jet-lag.
Anjolie is happy that we are about to land. Our entire trip, to include lay-overs in Washington and Korea was about 20 hours. A commercial flight is much I don't want to scare any family that have plans for travel.
This is our first glimpse of Okinawa. I was so relieved I wanted to just cry. We still had to go through customs, meet our sponsors, and get settled into our hotel, but the hard part of the trip was finally over.
I think that the rest of our trip home will just be burned onto a cd for our families so that I can record our daily doings here.

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