Monday, October 24, 2005


Grace is what the Lord blessed me with yesterday (our Sunday). Whenever we PCS and get into a new church we can always tell that we are in the right place because we are under constant attack! The devil must be really upset that we are in yet another good church because he worked overtime trying to keep us from going. Brian, who has worked alot of weekends since we have been here, actually had this weekend off...that is until someone messed up and put him on duty when he is on a detachment and supposed to be exempt from duty until this operation is over. Some Lt. called yesterday as we were getting ready for Sunday School and told Brian he had to stand 24hr duty. So we have to drop everything and get him ready to go. The girls and I made it for Church services amazingly. I told one of my friends about "somebody" trying to discourage us. So, then, I am on my way to choir practice, and as I am going out the front gate, one of the cones (due to construction going on) was moved out too far and I hit the curb on one side. I did not think I hit it that hard, but somehow, I blew both left tires!! So, here I am, by myself with 3 small children in the turning lane blocking traffic with not one, but two flat tires.
Here is how the Lord provided: the day before, Brian activated our cell phones, which I had mine with me.
-I was about 100meters from the MP hut, not just out in the middle of Okinawa.
-Couples from church kept stopping on their way and asking what they could do to help, which was such a great testimony for the MPs to see.
-One family took my girls to church while I arranged for towing to come through the MPs.
-I usually do not carry much cash with me at all, but had just gone to the ATM 5 min before.
-I was able to get a cab, and make it to church for choir practice...only 20 min late.
-I was provided a ride home, and a ride for Brianna to school today.
-Since Brian had duty last night, he has a flexible schedule today to take care of getting the tires fixed.
-We have money in our savings to take care of the expenses.
I am expecting even more just seems to be what I call my "time in the trenches" to grow. And, I am praising the Lord as He helps me to not only "get through it" but to be victorious in it. I truly felt a peace throughout the entire ordeal. Praise the Lord as He molds me and shapes me. Please PRAY that the Lord will continue to have victory in my life.
The Apostle Paul knew what it was to rejoice, even in trial....this is NOTHING compared to his trials, but knowing that he was given strength to rejoice in those huge things gives me confidence that I can rejoice in my small things.

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Jamie said... life on Okinawa was always exciting like that too! Maybe it's the island? I sure miss it and Praise the LORD for his GRACE