Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gave Me Chills

I joke alot about the funny things that Anjolie says, but today, she said something that shocked me. I was looking at the Fox News front page on their web-site and as I was browsing the headlines, Anjolie (2.5 years old) came out of her room from her nap. She was still sleepy eyed and crawled up on my lap as I sat at the computer desk. She saw a small satellite picture (the one you see pictured) of the hurricane Wilma and pointed to it saying, "look mommy, a storm". I was pretty impressed that she had picked that up...I don't know where, but I said, "that's right honey, that's a storm". Then she looked at me, THIS IS THE TRUTH, and said..."when people don't listen to God, the storms come"...I will just leave it at that...You can reason what you want, but I prayed.

Just a note to say that when Anjolie had first pointed the storm, it had just been downgraded to a cat 2, I just flipped back to Fox so that I could post is now a category 5 and reported as the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever. I'm not big into jumping on signs and wonders or reading into things too much, but I am praying for the people in Florida and Mexico. We have fellow Christians there, and souls that need to be saved.......out of the mouth's of babes.

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