Sunday, October 09, 2005

White Beach

Brian has been working a pretty heavy schedule since we got here, but yesterday (our Saturday) we took the girls to one of the many beautiful beaches. Brianna and Anjolie loved it...can you see the ship in the background? The water here was so blue!!
Here is little Lily in one of her favorite two spots -Daddy's arms. Can you guess what the number one spot is? Yep, I actually have a "Mommy's girl".
Daddy and two of his little princesses. It sure was hot! I think all of us got a little sun even though we were not out long...about 2 hours later it was downpouring!

There are so many beautiful shells, but we learned that we have to make sure they aren't someone's home before we take them home! I have never seen so many Hermit crabs!! The snails are huge as well, we have found some giant ones in our yard. Which, I WOULD have a picture of them, but you know, Brian has the worst luck when it comes to little unsuspecting frogs...and now snails. But that is a separate story...

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