Friday, October 21, 2005

Princess Picnic

It was really foggy outside when I took this, but here is little Brianna on her very first day of school at Maranatha Acadamy. I miss her so much when she is gone...can't wait to homeschool!!

Brian has to work late so today is going to be theme picnic day!! I decided to have a princess picnic. I like suprising Brianna when I pick her up and have everything in the car ready to go. I am going to bring a princess dress-up outfit for each of them with beads and stuff. I am going to bring a pretty table cloth...even though we are doing this outside and some "fancy cakes" you know the little white cakes from Little Debbie. I figure I will put those on some pretty paper doilies and we can decorate paper crowns. We shall see!! I will post pictures when we get back and everything.

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