Sunday, February 18, 2007

Anjolie's Party

Well, we had Anjolie's Birthday Party this Saturday at a place called MonaKid's Jungle is like a giant jungle gym with tunnels ball pits (clean ones), a zip line...the kids LOVE playing there. We rented the party room and had a great turn out! Anjolie said it was the best ever :)

The room at MonaKids
Me in ...uh yes pig-tails looking very rough, but that is my reality for this weekend was a CA-RAZY busy day :)
Our little girl is growing up!
Anjolie and Daddy crash on the couch after a wonderful party filled with fun and fellowship :)

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I won't expand on this, but the evil one certainly was doing everything possible to destroy my spirit and anything good these past few days, but praise the Lord He is so good and for a praying friend (love you) whose prayers were heard and answered loud and clear. I really would not have been up to this if it were not by the grace of God. Though I was weary emotionally, my smile was truly from my heart because God is truly amazing...amazing.


Free In Christ said...

looks like fun. What a great memory for Anjolie. Also, that her Mama had true joy that day. You are blessed.

Free In Christ said...

I forgot about the cute little faces Anjolie makes. SHe is so absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Anjolie! Love the video

staceyhoff said...

What a great time for your little girl! And Daddy got to be there, too-what a blessing!!( For both of you, I'm sure ;) And, BTW, I think the ponytails are cute and I wish I could rock some, Lol!:)I am also so jelous that you get to walk around in cute sandals showing off that cute new pedicure! even though, it sounds like you'd rather see some snow! You can have mine?? Lol, JK ;) God bless you all!
<3 Stacey

Michelle said...

Looks like alot of fun..Happy Birthday Anjolie..

Heather said...

Thank you Melissa :) Yes, she has some cute little expressions lol I am glad that you enjoy them too! Hey Liz :) Wish you could have been there lady :)
Stacey, thanks for stopping by..and yes, I would like some snow, but I sure was enjoying the warm weather we had yesterday!
Ms Mishel :), thank you my praying friend. ((hug))

Mishel said...

I *loved* the video!!! Seeing Anjolie's faces brings back A LOT of memories!! : ) She is precious!! Hearing your voice was a treat too...and you look GREAT!!

I love you too, my friend...and you know I'm here anytime. (((hugs)))

Happymama said...

I'm glad you had a good party and that the Lord was ever present for you and with you.

Looks like a fun time. Besides Chuck E Cheese, we have a locally owned establishment and the name of it is befitting for these parts...Bubba's Fun Park. LOL