Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Polish Pottery

*ahem* Thought I would post this recent uhh purchase of Polish pottery...cute huh? Like the little tea warmer? mmmmhmmm Well, there, now maybe that will distract from my embarrassing case of mistaken identity ...major blonde moment on R estoring the Years... Sorry Grafted, I just thought that was you during uhhh maybe the GRRROOOOVY Years maybe that's what you were wanting to restore? Dunno what I was thinkin' ;)


Happymama said...

Oh, that is beautiful! Let me tell you about my mother's latest purchase. I really need to blog this story...poor mom. I can't tell you how often we laugh at her.

OK, so she's on ebay and finds a BEAUTIFUL jade teaset from JAPAN and the bid was only like 90 cents at the time. Well, guess what? She bid 99 cents and got it!! She posted all her information and received her confirmation and sure enough it was 99 cents....with only $75 dollars shipping and handling. Hehe


Heather said...


Mishel said... are so funny! : )

And the tea set is *very* pretty!

Free In Christ said...


Liz said...

Very pretty, Heather. I now find myself wishing I had bought a few more things while I was there. Never saw anything quite like that though.

Grafted Branch said...

Very pretty piece!

Now, about that mistaken identity...

First let me say that I have been taken aback as I open my blog with Clemntine's face -- it could be me. I think we all looked more alike than not in that day!

You sound like you're having fun with it, but if you decide you're not, I can remove your comment and we can pretend it never happened. Hmmmm?


Heather said...

Oh.*grin*...I am enjoying a little chuckle at myself :) but thanks for asking. That pic *cracks* me up!!