Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This apple was called a I guess because it is so BIG!

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Liz said...

That is a huge apple!

Michelle said...

Wow..That is big..Where did you find one that big..

Mishel said...

Whoa! Ths is one BIG apple!!

HsKubes said...

Wow! My chldren would love that! It's huge!
I love the Polish pottery you posted, too. My hubby is polish. I love the blue and white colors. My mom got me some dishes with an english print for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by today. It was great to hear from you.

~ Christina
HsKubes' Haven at Home

Free In Christ said...

I've never seen an apple that big. Too funny! I love the video.

Heather said...

Michelle-I got this one at the commissary :) You should see the carrots!

Christina :) I think of you often and say a prayer for your family.

Mishel...yes, kinda makes me wonder what they did to get it that big ya know?

Melissa-the commissary does have larger than normal apples here in okinawa, but THIS one was the largest I had ever seen!