Monday, February 26, 2007

Thank you..

to Pam from Simply Trusting. She made this khaki split skirt for me and a denim one too!! The picture doesn't do it justice - I threw it on after the evening service on Sunday for this I'm lookin' a little rough (don't click on the image to see the circles under my eyes ;) and the oily skin) -I love is so comfy and flattering, if I may be so bold to say myself ;) . The waist is finished with a side hidden zipper (or should that be a hidden side zipper :-P) and has darts in the front and in the back. What I love most is that it truly looks like a skirt with a cute pleat in the front and back...very cute. Most importantly, my husband likes them. They are perfect for AWANAS and everyday running around when I want to look casual but it.


Michelle said...

Very nice skirt..I really does look comfy!!

Free In Christ said...

Looks comfy. What a great friend

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with the skirt (which is darling), but your hair is getting so long again. I bet that makes you happy :~)
The kids are just as adorable as I remember. Glad to see that you are all doing so well. Take Care.

Happymama said...

She did a great job on it. And does look flattering. I love skirts like that. :)


Heather said...

Thanks Michelle and Melissa!

Tobi!!((hug))You have been on my mind lately my friend! Yes, ;) I am glad my hair is growing...I will probably just cut it all off again lol

Kristi, yes she is a great seamstress, amazing!

Liz said...

Very cute, Heather! I need something like that. I keep tripping over my long skirts, but they do come in handy for hiding my extreme lack of color on my legs! :)

HsKubes said...

She did a wonderful job. How kind of her. It looks very nice on you, too, and quite modest. Very pretty.

Thank you, by the way, for your kind and encouraging comment you left. I am praying for y'all, too, and think of y'all often.

~ Christina
HsKubes' Haven at Home

Mishel said...

Very cute Heather! : )

Grafted Branch said...

Very cute! 'Course...I'm guessing that you don't have too much trouble making clothes "off the rack" look nice too. Ah...*sigh*...for 30 pounds ago...hmmmm....someday -- maybe.