Thursday, February 15, 2007


Get ready....this is just so exciting...for the very first time EVER in my entire 32 years of life I ironed a pair of PT shorts ...and about scorched them to bits I might add. Why in the world would I be doing this?! I'm just a perfectionist PPPwwwwaaahhhaa haa!! Riiighht, I could only is all I can do to get the kid's clothes ironed for church...ANYWAY. Brian is putting together a package to submit to a Warrant Officer Board and they are going to take a picture of him in uniform and in pt gear to submit with his paperwork. Marines are huge on appearance in uniform (and out most of the time). He was about to head out with these rumpled looking pt shorts (not the silky ones) and I begged him to let me get some of the wrinkles out...he let me...and now I am laughing that I would even post about such a thing! Like you cared! :) Oh well...your prayers concerning this last minute decision to submit this package would be greatly appreciated. We want the Lord's will..especially if it makes a difference concerning his recently received Prepare to deploy order.
Graphic from Broderbund Printshop


Mishel said...

I'll be praying! Keep us posted!

Happymama said...

I'll pray sweetie! :)


Ashleigh said...

J did the same thing two weeks ago--last minute, with two days to prepare and get the package in. But I didn't iron his PT shorts. ;) (Actually, I'm not sure he had to take a pic in pt gear? Just in cammies and in... the short sleeved green uniform. :grin: I can never remember which is which!!)

Heather said...

:) Thanks ladies. Ash, Brian said that normally they don't, but their General is requiring it for his Marines.