Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Back!!

My Best friend here on Okinawa is back from the states and posting :) Yay!! I thought I would see a picture of this beautiful quilt she made recently hint hint nope too modest to post such a work (please post it!) but she did post some culottes she is working on for me! This lady is so inspirational to me...stop blushing Pam :) Anyway, I just wanted to welcome her back to Oki ( wanted to let you all know so you could encourage her like you do me ;) ) and back to the blogosphere. Keep the posts comin' you never know whose heart you are gonna touch! Did I mention her brother can preach!! I'll tell you truthfully he almost had me shouting in my house as I listened to a cd from when he was visiting the states. He is a missionary...but I will let my (probably terribly embarrassed) friend elaborate. Did I mention she got me involved in these Faith Bible Institute Classes? That will be another post. These classes are a tremendous blessing...I'll let you run along to visit with her...have blessed day!

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